Buyers Advantage Group Realty

There is a difference. And the difference is your advantage.

What our Buyers Advantage Group Realty agents do for you

Clients prefer to work with Buyers Advantage Group Realty not only because there is no conflict of interest as with traditional listing agents, but because the agency has refined the art of service excellence across all facets of the home-buying process. Here is a list of some of the activities their buyers’ agents will perform for you:


•        Assessing a property’s potential assets and liabilities

•        Reviewing and explaining forms and agreements with you

•        Providing access to the MLS and non-MLS lists of property via e-mail, fax, and the Internet

•        Arranging showing for identified properties, accompanying you to all showings and critique every home and even advise you not to buy homes that are not suitable

•        Researching potential properties: home builders for new construction, ownership history, as well as assessment and mortgage information

•        Determining a broker’s opinion of the home’s value including a comparative market analysis

•        Reviewing specifications and allowances for new construction

•        Forming a specific negotiation strategy focused on loyally advancing the best interest of the buyer

•        Coordinating documents between all parties

•        Accompanying you to your home inspection and advise/renegotiate any subsequent inspection issues

•        Setting up final walk through

•        Addressing any last minute issue that may arise

•        Accompanying you and represent you at the closing

•        Coordinating the transfer of your new home keys

•        Protecting your interests at all times

Important value-added services

Our commitment to our clients starts in the community and continues beyond closing.  Buyers Advantage Group Realty will recommend the best professionals for legal, financial, and home inspection services. While closing on a home typically marks the end of a real estate relationship, Buyers Advantage Group Realty strives to maintain a close ongoing communication providing service recommendations, community information, and social events and activities.

Here are some of the other value-added services Buyers Advantage Group Realty will provide for you:

•        Creating a team of professionals on your behalf to facilitate the home-buying process and coordinate between members of that team

•        Providing reputable financial resources to help establish viable and accurate financing options for a comfortable home budget

•        Helping all buyers understand current loan programs and options available

•        Introducing buyers to experienced and licensed home inspectors who will walk a roof, explore the crawl space, and use the latest technology to evaluate the systems within the home

•        Recommending less commonly performed specialty inspections, such as environmental testing, well and septic, and structural integrity tests as required

•        Referring buyers to only the best attorneys to facilitate a seamless closing

•        Becoming a reference source for clients’ future needs after the closing

To ensure that only the best professionals are recommended, Buyers Advantage Group Realty never accepts any payment for referring their clients to these professionals.

Before you ever begin the home-buying process, remember for the typical home it will cost you no additional money to hire your own agent.